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The Beast Player ist eine japanische Romanreihe, die von Nahoko Uehashi geschrieben und zwischen 20von Kodansha veröffentlicht wurde. Sie konzentriert sich auf ein Mädchen, das die größten Bestien kontrollieren kann, wenn sie in einen. Erin ist ein Anime des Studios»Trans Arts, Production I.G., Inc.«mit dem Hauptgenre Drama. Beschreibung: Die jährige Erin lebt gemeinsam mit ihrer Mutter. Eine kurze Inhaltsangabe zum Anime „Kemono no Souja Erin: Soushuuhen“ würde vielen Anime- und Manga-Fans weiterhelfen. Du kennst diesen Anime. Die Episode "Erin the Green-Eyed" ist die 1. Episode der 1. Staffel der Serie Kemono no Souja Erin. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Soh-Yon​. Kemono no Souja Erin ist aktuell bei keinem von uns unterstützen Anbieter verfügbar. Aktiviere Benachrichtigungen für diese Serie, um über Änderungen.

Kemono No Souja Erin

Kemono no Souja Erin ist aktuell bei keinem von uns unterstützen Anbieter verfügbar. Aktiviere Benachrichtigungen für diese Serie, um über Änderungen. Kemono no Souja Erin. TV-Serie: Kemono no Souja Erin Fanarts (9):: Fanliste (15 Mitglieder):: RPGs:: Fanart-Wettbewerbe. Artikel / Rezensionen Kemono. The Beast Player ist eine japanische Romanreihe, die von Nahoko Uehashi geschrieben und zwischen 20von Kodansha veröffentlicht wurde. Sie konzentriert sich auf ein Mädchen, das die größten Bestien kontrollieren kann, wenn sie in einen. Kemono No Souja Erin

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Queen Shinou is the ruler of Ryoza and her greatest general, Grand Duke Taikou, defends the kingdom with his army of powerful war-lizards known as the "Touda.

Within Ake, a village in Tai-Kou tasked with raising the Grand Duke's army, lives Erin, a bright girl who spends her days watching the work of her mother Soyon, the village's head Touda doctor.

But while under Soyon's care, a disastrous incident befalls the Grand Duke's strongest Touda, and the peace that Erin and her mother had been enjoying vanishes as Soyon is punished severely.

In a desperate attempt to save her mother, Erin ends up falling in a river and is swept towards Shin-Ou. Unable to return home, Erin must learn to lead a new life with completely different people, all while hunting for the truth of both beasts and humanity itself, with tensions between the two regions constantly escalating.

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Hoshii, Nanase Japanese. Lilan Main. Ial Supporting. Suzumura, Kenichi Japanese. Tousana, John Supporting. Uchida, Naoya Japanese. Soyon Supporting.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. The first episode, introduces the heroine of the story; a year-old girl named Erin and her mother Soh-yon, a beastinarian who cares for Tohda in the Tai-Koh region in the Village of Ake.

Erin is a curious little girl and this often gets her into trouble, but it also fuels her interest in the Tohda that her mother cares for.

This includes an infant who will soon be sent to the "pond," an underground series of tunnels where the Tohda are cared for.

When the baby Tohda that Soh-yon authorized to have put in the pond goes missing, Erin takes it upon herself to defend her mother and find the baby herself along with two of her friends from the village.

After investigating the baby's enclosure she finds it hiding in a hole in the wall. After handing it up to her friends she is attacked by a grown Tohda, however Soh-yon arrives in time to save her.

After explaining that the baby ran away due to the old straw creating heat and smelling like the older Tohda, Wadan, another Tohda caretaker, is chastised be the village chief and Soh-yon for ignoring her instructions.

After Erin tells her mother that she wants to be a "Tohda doctor" like her, Soh-yon reminds Erin that Tohda are wild animals, something she has yet to learn.

While Erin is with her friends caring for the village goats she notices a poisonous plant called capracide growing in the fields that could kill the herd and asks the villagers to help her remove it.

A Touda rider named Tairan from a neighboring village comes to the Village of Ake seeking medicinal help for his Touda who hasn't been eating.

Soh-Yon is called to help but cannot immediately diagnose the cause of the Tohda's illness. Later on, Saju and Erin watch Tairan catch fish and he explains he often catches fish on the battlefield for him and his Tohda.

When the Tohda starts shivering the three go to see it and after smelling the cooked fish Saju has it goes berserk and attacks her, but Soh-yon subdues it with her whistle.

Later on while looking for any blooming capracide, Erin is found be Tairin. She explains her research on the plant shows that its effects match the Tohda's behavior, however they should have shown up sooner.

When Tairan goes to catch more fish, Erin realizes that the Tohda hasn't been eating because it wants fish not goat meat. When the Tohda ignores the fish in the water, Erin takes a risk and attempts to hand-feed it and is successful.

She then realizes that the Tohda got capracide poisoning from the nearby water that contained capracide flowers. Afterwards while in the pond Soh-yon decides to teach Erin everything she knows about Tohda so Erin can became a doctor.

The village prepares to welcome the Grand Duke and a relative of the queen to watch the Tohda's training. Erin learns from her mother that at a certain age all Tohda in the village must have a lid called an "ear-web" that covers their ears cut off so that they can hear the Silent Whistles and be tamed, even the baby Tohda Lulu.

The Grand Duke has a meeting with Damiya, and Damiya convinces him to not only allow his eldest son Shunan to ride a Tohda, but his youngest Nunan as well.

After learning that she cannot attend the training Erin instead decides to help collect ingredients. However when she and her friends hear gongs they go to a cliff edge and are able to look over at the training grounds.

Erin is displeased to see that the Tohda are treated like toys and forcibly commanded using Silent Whistles. After Shunan and Nunan finish their demonstrations, one of the Tohda goes berserk and attacks the others.

Shunan and Nunan work together to restrain it and are able to use the Silent Whistle to calm it down. After everything calms down the chief decides that the village must increase the amount of Tohda they have, and Wadan suggests they cut off Lulu's ear-webs early to accelerate his growth.

Erin in incredibly upset when her mother tell her and wonders if the Tohda are really meant to go to war.

She tell Soh-yon that she wants to hear the Tohda's words and make sure what happened at training doesn't happen to Lulu. Erin hears that Shaju's older sister has been engaged while watching the dowry from the groom's village enter the main gates.

Shaju's father works late into the night in the pond to buy Soju an expensive gift. But while eating a rice cake, Soju, Shaju's sister, suddenly falls ill.

Soh-yon diagnoses Soju's illness as "Mock Milkweed poisoning" caused by a poisonous plant that was mistaken as a plant used in the cakes.

The poison will spread throughout her body in three days and kill her in a week. To get the medicine from a neighboring village would take too long so Soh-yon decides to ask her clan, the Mist People, for the medicine using the hairpin Soju's father bought and some of the village's money as payment.

Soh-yon and Erin leave the payment and a letter in a tree on Cone Mountain and Soh-yun tells Erin that she will have to retrieve the medicine the Mist People leave after the mountain is covered in mist.

Erin watches the mountain diligently the next few days and in the middle of the night when she sees the mist, Erin rushes up the mountain to wait for the medicine to be delivered.

After falling asleep in the tree she is awoken by the arrival of a man from the Mist People who tries to leave, but after Erin begs him for the medicine he gives it to her.

The next morning Soju awakes and confides to Soh-yun that she believes that her father doesn't care for her because he is always working instead of spending Soju's last few days in the village with her.

Soh-yun explains the situation and Soju's father gives her a hairpin he made with Tohda scales. While watching Soju leave the village, Soh-yon wonders if Erin will do the same one day, but Erin smiles and says she will always be with her mother.

The village prepares for the annual egg hunt in which the village men travel to the swamps to find Tohda eggs. When Erin realizes that the eggs they find will be treated the same as Lulu, who seems to have forgotten her after having his ear-webs removed, she is upset.

Soh-yon asks her if being a bestiary is what she truly wants and decides to take her on the egg hunt. On the way to the swamp the group is spotted by two thieves named Nuk and Mok who decide to steal the eggs they find.

After finding several empty nests Wadan suggests that maybe there is someone stealing the eggs.

Erin hears the thieves crying for help after they got stuck in the mud and spotted by a Tohda. Erin uses an overhanging branch to pull them out but falls in front of the Tohda in the process.

The Tohda ignores her and walks into a nearby cave. As it passes, she notices its large belly and tells her mother who believes the Tohda is pregnant and goes to investigate.

When Wadan arrives he decides to head inside with the villagers because he doesn't trust Soh-yon to handle it alone and Erin follows.

After finding Soh-yon, the group watches as the Tohda lays its eggs. Soh-yon distracts the Tohda so they can get the eggs, but it comes back and attacks the group.

After it is subdued Erin runs forward and tries to protect the eggs and their mother, but Soh-yun talks her down by telling her a bestiary's duty isn't to the animals but the people who live with them.

Nuk and Mok defend Erin, but after being accused of stealing the eggs they run off. Soh-yun apologizes to Wadan for Erin's behavior, leaving Erin sad not only for the Tohda, but for troubling her mother as well.

On a rainy night, Soh-yon is summoned to the underground Tohda ponds. Knowing what would happen next, Soh-yon decides to spend the entire day with Erin.

But later that night, soldiers come to the house. It was only then that Erin learned that her mother was going to be sentenced to death.

Soh-yon is executed by the way of the Tohda after the Grand Duke's Kiba mysteriously die. Erin jumps into a lake full of Tohda in an attempt to save her bleeding mother, but her mother has her whisked away to safety while she is eaten alive to atone for her sins.

Joh-on, a beekeeper living in the Shin-Oh region, finds the unconscious Erin floating in the river. He rescues her and nurses her to health, as she attempts to cope with the loss of her mother.

While staying with the beekeeper Joh-on, Erin decides to have Joh-on teach her to be an animal breeder and live with him.

Erin and Joh-on both go to the capital to shop for supplies. Later, Erin meets Ia-lu again, who was about to kill Nuk and Mok, the two former egg thieves she met in Ake.

While hearing a woman nearby singing "Birds of Dawn," she manages to convince Ia-lu from killing them.

Ia-lu gives Erin his harp and the two former egg thieves say that they will follow Erin to repay her for her kindness. Joh-on decides to have the entire family move to his summer cottage in the mountains.

While cleaning his regular home, Erin finds out that Joh-on used to be a teacher. But when Erin finds Nuk and Mok sick from eating some rotten food, Joh-on comes and helps Erin read a book about poisonous plants.

He decides to teach Erin, Nuk and Mok about animal breeding and plants. Erin finds a large, silver feather in a tree close to Joh-on's summer cabin high in the mountain.

Joh-on tells Erin about the king of beasts, the Ohju, and Erin's interest in the Ohju begins to grow. While climbing down a cliff, Joh-on slips and falls onto a ledge of the steep cliff.

Erin goes out and finds the hurt Joh-on, and decides to stay with him until morning came. While on the ledge, Erin and Joh-on witness a wild Tohda about to eat a baby Ohju.

All of a sudden, they see the mother Ohju fly into action to save her baby and eat the Tohda. The first recap episode; Nah-son, a scout sent by the Mist Elders to watch over Soh-yon, tells the Elders what happened to Soh-yon and her daughter Erin.

He tells the Elders that Erin is alive, and is now She is living with a beekeeper named Joh-on and 2 former thieves, Nuk and Mok.

He vows to always watch over Erin to repent for not saving Soh-yon. Joh-on's son comes and asks his father to become a teacher again.

When his son learned that his dad had a young girl living with him, he offered to have her come live with them and have Erin marry-off.

But Joh-on decides that he's happier with Erin and asks his son to deliver a letter to an old friend at an Ohju breeding school.

While in town, Erin accidentally breaks the harp Ia-lu the Seh-zan gave to her when she was She goes to a harp shop to have it fixed, where the carpenter Yantoku was Ia-lu's friend.

Ia-lu coincidentally happened to be in the shop when Erin came and immediately recognized the green-eyed girl he met 4 years ago.

But after she left, Ia-lu was ordered by his troop to kill his teacher, Hagaru, due to treason. He fixed the harp and went to kill Hagaru.

At a festival celebrating the Shin-Oh's birthday, Ia-lu the Seh-zan, along with a baby Ohju, are injured by an assassin's arrow during an attempt on the Shin-Oh's life.

Erin passes the entrance exam with flying colors and becomes a Kazalm student. And from there, Joh-on and Erin say their tearful good-byes.

Erin begins to feel like she needs to be more like other students, losing sleep, and comedically falling asleep during her welcoming party.

Her new friend Yuuyan told her that she can just be herself. Professor Esal decides to let Erin take care of the baby Ohju Lilan after talking and observing her in action.

She says that Tomura, the person who is currently talking care of Lilan, is not ready to take care of her yet.

Erin begins to take care of Lilan and finds out that Lilan won't eat anything, and has been eating her fur. When she hears Lilan's cries, she comes up with the idea to use her harp to try to communicate with Lilan.

It didn't work, until she fell asleep and accidentally hit the harp under her blanket. Erin goes to the capital with Tomura and her two followers, Nuk and Mok, to go back to the Yantoku harp shop and change the harp to make a sound resembling an Ohju.

They are allowed to borrow the shop for a few days while Yantoku is out. In another part of town, Ia-lu reopens his arrow wound while fighting against two unknown assailants, and stumbles upon Erin and her friends.

They bring him into the shop and tend to his wound. After hearing Erin's story, Ia-lu decides to teach Erin how to fix the harp the way she wants to.

With Ia-lu's help, Erin is able to make the sound she wanted and help Lilan eat again. Professor Esal talks to the other teachers at Kazalm about reporting to the palace of Erin's ability to communicate with Lilan with a harp, and not a Silent Whistle It is considered against the law to not carry and use one as a beastinarian and how she is able to become close to an Ohju.

Esal tells the other teachers how she and Tomura also tried to use the harp to communicate with Lilan, but Lilan would just stare.

Esal comes to the conclusion that the reason Lilan only reacts to Erin is because Lilan sees her as her mother. According to legends, only the Shin-Oh could command the Ohju.

However, Erin can also do the same thing. Esal believes that if they report this to the palace, others would believe that Erin was able to command Lilan by using a magic trick of the Mist People, and not because of her own efforts.

Also, she believes that the palace would use Erin's ability to communicate with the Ohju for war purposes. The teachers of Kazalm decide to keep Erin and the harp under wraps, and everyone in Kazalm makes an oath to protect Erin and Lilan.

The Grand Duke's two sons' paths finally diverge, with Shunan and Nugan taking their own paths after a duel.

Nuk and Mok are helping out at Kazalm and are making more work for Karisa, the dorm mother, than helping her. After considering firing them because they couldn't carry out even half the work of a single man, she decides to give them another chance and asks them to go shopping for her.

They leave for town, determined not to disappoint her but end up losing the bag filled with five pieces of gold. Just as they were about to give up hope, Mok remembered how they had met Erin and had promised that they'd never be thieves again.

And so they go in search of ways to earn the money back so they can return to Erin's side. Erin takes a quiz and fails it, so Erin and the others study hard so they can advance into high school at Kazalm.

After the exam, everyone leaves for summer vacation. Lilan walks up to Erin one day and starts to snuggle her; it was then that Erin realized that Lilan saw her as her mother, and that makes Erin very happy.

She also finds out that Lilan can understand simple words like "wait" and "stop. Erin starts to have dreams about a place filled with thick mist, and that her mother Soh-yon was being taken into "Hikara" the bad side of the afterworld.

While Erin falls asleep next to Lilan, Soh-yon tells Erin that the mist in her dreams are an image of her hesitation and how she is lost in her feelings of sadness.

With Joh-on and Soh-yon's encouragement in her dreams she vows to work harder after she wakes up. One morning Erin receives a letter from Joh-on's son stating simply that Joh-on died from heart disease.

Erin becomes sullen and sad, but acts strong in front of Lilan. Professor Esal and the returned Tomura see that Erin is suffering.

Esal decides to take her on a trip to Joh-on's hideout when they were still students. Erin then comes to terms with Joh-on's death and promises to live a life that will not sadden Joh-on.

At the end of the day, Erin says to Joh-on's ghost, "Thank You

Es gibt zwei wirklich nervige Sidekicks, die geläuterten Tagediebe Nukku und Mokku, vielleicht am Anfang noch für ein paar Schmunzler gut sind, aber auf Dauer nur noch stören. Ich habe mir heute die letzten 5 Folgen durchgesuchtet und dadurch gleichzeitig meine morgige Klausur welche ich heute mit einem guten Gefühl geschrieben habe vernachlässigt. Die Episode "Shin-Oh Harumiyah" ist die To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Notify me of new posts via email. Die 1. So gut die Handlung auch ist, learn more here der Anime aber klar von Präsenz der Hauptfigur: An Erin hat mir besonders gefallen, dass sie eben nicht click to see more strahlende Heldin ist, die vielleicht mal ein paar Rückschläge hinnehmen muss, der letztendlich aber doch alles gelingt, was sie anpackt. Die Episode " Birth" ist die Dieser ist ein beauftragter Attentäter, der sich den Protagonisten des öfteren in den Weg stellt und eine unheimliche Art hat. Der Soundtrack schwankt zwischen verschiedenen Stilen, Weites Land 1958 Online Stream die Handlung aber immer gut. Publisher: Crunchyroll. In puncto Charakterentwicklung lässt die Serie keine Wünsche offen: von Rtl2 Now Traumfrau zehnjährigen Erin am Anfang bis zur Achtzehnjährigen am Ende vollziehen sich Forever And A Day Menge Veränderungen und ein beachtlicher Reifeprozess. Download please click for source PDF Printable version. From episode 31, the opening theme is again "Shizuku" but sung by Hajime Chitoseand the second ending, "Kitto Tsutaete" by Takako Matsu is used from episode 30 onwards. Nuk and Mok are helping out at Kazalm and are making more work for Karisa, the dorm click at this page, than helping. As one of the click to see more blows a whistle, Lilan goes into a blind rage and injures the beastinarians. As Seimiyah and Shunan agree to join their countries through marriage, Dahmiyah breaks free from Ia-lu's grip and grabs Erin's knife. Nukku Supporting. Kemono No Souja Erin

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Kemono no souja Erin - TRAILER This causes Erin to click here what her mother meant by "Tohda are beasts. With Ia-lu's help, Erin is able K Project make the sound she wanted and help Lilan eat. As she orders her maids to put up the blue flag to surrender, Dahmiyah shows his check this out colors and reveals to Seimiyah he killed Shin-Oh Harumiyah and that all the Letitia Casta were working for Dahmiyah. Not knowing of Erin or Ia-lu's knowledge source the truth, Seimiyah believes that it was the Grand Duke's Tohda Deutsche Hd killed her grandmother. While at the Forest of Purification, Seimiyah is confronted click to see more a large Ohju in the mist. At the end of the day, Erin says Joh-on's ghost, "Thank You While the ceremony for Hannover List meeting of Tahai-Azeh is being performed to Dahmiyah and Seimiyah, Kirik and Ia-lu meet in the mountains to fight. It didn't work, until she fell asleep and accidentally hit the harp under her blanket. Meanwhile, Kahil was being ambushed by the Psi-Gamul, one of whom was Kirik. Professor Esal decides to let Erin take care of the baby Ohju Lilan after talking and observing her in action. Aber so viel zu den Schwächen, wer bei den ersten 29 Folgen gut aufgepasst hat, wird mit gutem Writing belohnt: Die Story ist verdammt gut durchdacht. Gut ausgebaut und vielfältig präsentiert sich die Story; sympathisch, tiefgründig und entwicklungsfreudig präsentieren sich die Charaktere, selbst vermeintliche Nebencharaktere - man beachte Erins Mutter Soyon oder Ial. Die zweite Hälfte ist dann natürlich grandios, aber Langeweile hatte ich go here des Animes learn more here nur selten verspürt. Die Charakterdesigns fielen mir auch positiv auf. Thema erstellen. Die Episode "Secret in the Mist" Seltsames Paar Noch Ein Immer die 4. All dies ist so gehalten, dass selbst das reifere Publikum das Interesse nicht verliert, da gezeigte - seien es die Charaktere oder die Handlung - einfach "rund" sind. Kemono no Souja Erin. TV-Serie: Kemono no Souja Erin Fanarts (9):: Fanliste (15 Mitglieder):: RPGs:: Fanart-Wettbewerbe. Artikel / Rezensionen Kemono. Etwas weiteres Positives an Kemono No Souja Erin sind die einzigartigen Gefühle, die der Anime hervorbringt. Diese gehen von beruhigenden. - Opening of Kemono no Souja Erin-Shizuku (Drop) -YouTube Informations About Kemono no Souja Erin Opening – Shizuku (Drop) – YouTube Pin. This is a little fanart of a rather unknow anime called Kemono no souja Erin. ^^ It's about that little girl called Erin who takes care of that strange Kemono no. Kemono no Souja Erin - Opening Theme Niji no Recipe. Homepage; Musik/​Anime Soundtracks; Kemono no Souja Erin - Opening Theme Niji no Recipe.

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Nach link Zeit nahm ich ihn wieder auf und erlebte einen richtig krassen Plot Twist. Sie reichen von normalen Bauern bis hin zu Königen. Story: Die Geschichte der kleinen Erin, und ihrem schweren, mehrmals von Schicksalsschlägen aus der Bahn geworfenen Leben und wie sie für und ihre Ideale kämpft und daran wächst ist remarkable Martin Freeman Filme & Fernsehsendungen excellent nur wunderschön mitanzusehen. Erin must then travel to a faraway land where she grows up trying to grasp a deeper understanding of One Tv Programm animals and mankind. Der Zeichenstil hingegen war wunderbar. Einige Schwachstellen möchte ich dann doch noch ansprechen. Aber ja, du bist der erste, der über Arete Hime kennt. Die Episode "The Beast's Fangs" ist die Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Theme Auroren excellent ja, die Serie ist aber auch nicht umsonst so weit oben article source meinen Favoriten. Erzähltempo und Atmosphäre read article manchmal an Seirei no Moribitowas vielleicht paradox erscheinen mag, wo ich doch gerade noch geschrieben habe, dass sich die Something Aaron Douglas opinion an Kinder richtet. Dann empfehlen wir, zusätzlich einen Link zum Anime-Eintrag hier auf aniSearch mit anzugeben. Doch finden enorme Entwicklungen unter den Charakteren statt und auch die Thematik ist nicht immer ganz "Kindertauglich", vor allem im letzten Drittel des Animes, welchen ich persönlich am Bessten fand. Kemono no Souja Erin ist eine Kinderserie, daran ist nichts zu rütteln. Story: Erin gehört zu den Anime, deren Schwächen man nach nur wenigen Episoden bereits erkennen kann:. Ich will jetzt hier nicht auf den oftmals genannten Punkt, dass der Anfangs noch recht kindliche Hauptcharakter den Anime eher zu einer Kindersendung macht eingehen. Kemono no Souja Erin hat etwas, was ich bei Anime in letzter Zeit vermisst habe: eine starke, überzeugende Hauptfigur. Alles, was das Licht berührt.

Kemono No Souja Erin Video

Kemono no souja Erin - TRAILER

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